Is weather an issue?

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Is weather an issue in the resale business?

That is an interesting question!

Over the years I have seen people use the rainy day excuse alot!

My Dad taught me at a young age about the rainy day auctioneer.

I asked him what a rainy day auctioneer was and he told me a brief story about our competitor.  This particualr competitor would over sell what prices would be attained at auction to the client to get the deal, but then when he fell short there was always the excuse of “it was a rainy day”. the was a football game and so on.

My Dad said don’t be a rainy day auctioneer that over promises and under delivers!  This is why we have always operated on th epremise that an item is worth what the top bidder is willing to pay when it has been advertised and put up for auction in front of a ready willing and able to buy crowd!

With that all said teh question still remains, does the weather affect the reslae business?

I think there is two sides to this for sure.  If you are at an open air marketing and it is storming the weather can impact you negatively.

Conversly we have all had those rainy days where we have rocked on sales becuase people had time on thier hands to shop becuase other normally scheduled activities were unavailable! 


The real answer here is can you be innovative enough to gain a customer flow regardless of the weather?  The answer is yes!

A couple ideas would be move some items to your home and post ads, put up a tent to keep the customers dry or if you are in a store and the weather is crappy out post an ad that you have free warm drinks for the customers that day!  This is what innovators do, they think outside the box even when the cards are stcked against them!

If you are in the resale business you can make every day better by doing more marketing, being more cordial and welcoming to your customers and making sure your product is well cleaned and presented.

What else can you do to attract customers to your business even on a rainy day?  Maybe you could offer delivery service to not only make their lives easier but some extra income for you too!

Thanks for checking out our auction talk blog where we shar eideas to help you succeed and grow awareness for the auction industry!

Have a great day and see you at the next auction!




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