Selling At Auction

Selling at Auction is easy and efficient with Bronstein Auction Co in Longwood FL 

Selling or consigning with Bronstein Auction Co.

There are several different ways to sell with Bronstein Auction Co.

  • You can drop items off to our facility for auction by appointment prior to the next auction. Please call us for a time and authorization. Your items will then be auctioned off at the next auction and your check for your proceeds will be available the following Fridday night or mailed to you as per your wishes.
  • We can pick up your items from your location and bring them to our facility. Commission rates and pick up fees may vary according to location, type of items etc.
  • Conduct an onsite auction or estate sale at your location if the circumstances permit.
  • Conduct an estate sale at your location and then remove remaining items to our facility for final liquidation
  • Purchase your items outright from you

We auction items to the highest bidder at public auction.This creates a sense of urgency and competition to realize the best market price at the time of sale.  We stage and set up your items in a fashion to market them in the best means possible! We use extensive media marketing to promote our auctions!

Call us today at 407.917.7355  to get your auction process in the works and turn your assets in to cash!

Put 20+ years of experience and good will to work for you today! Selling at auction with Bronstein Auction Co is easy, efficient and a great way to turn your assets in to cash. Lew Bronstein Auctioneer has been selling at auction various items for many clients, government agencies and Auto Auctions for many years. Lew has experience in the automotive, commercial, estate and liquidations.  

When choosing an auctioneer or auction company always look for reputation, years of experience and look at the license numbers as that is a great indicator of how long they have been in business!

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